2018 Shopper Marketing Summit, March 12 - 14, 2018

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Wendy Liebmann discussed her view of what the next five years will bring to retail. Attendees learned:

  • How to grow in a shrinking retail world.
  • What shoppers will really pay for.
  • How to rebuild credibility when shoppers think you are mediocre
  • How to build a relevant shopper culture so you can disrupt the disrupters

"Awesome!!! Very good presentation. Insightful."

"Excellent, original and inspiring."

"Loved it. She really made me think about things!"

"This was hands-down my favorite session. Fantastic insights."


Douglas Stephens shared his vision of where retail will be in five years so attendees could:

  • Learn the vital insights needed to design tomorrow's retail store.
  • Hear how smart, forward-thinking brands and retailers are already capitalizing on the opportunities presented by changes in demographics, economics, technology and media.
  • Discover how to reimagine, reinvent and reinvigorate retail business in the midst of a rapidly changing retail marketplace.

"Phenomenal, paradigm-shifting presentation!"

"Doug is inspiring, knowledgeable and gave me so much to take back to our business. Thank you for selecting him as a speaker!"

"Fabulous! Probably the best retail presentation I have ever heard."

"Incredible presentation! Great story, clear and simple but very thought provoking. Interesting theories and opinions -- leaving me with great pieces of information to continue to build on."


Amy Hahn reviewed:

  • How Ahold USA will expand supplier collaboration to execute multichannel marketing programs and drive personalized shopper engagement.
  • The way Ahold USA's new "Better Together" strategy will enable the company's businesses and their suppliers to drive profitable growth in supermarkets, e-commerce and smaller formats.

"Great view into the build on the Ahold USA/Delhaize strategy."

"Loved hearing the retailer point of view."

"Good, clear message with great ideas."

"Amy shared good facts, examples and data points."