New Horizons of Innovative Path-to-Purchase Strategies

March 27-29, 2017 | Grand Hyatt New York | New York City



What Attendees Are Saying

“This is one of the more helpful conferences out there in the industry specifically for path to purchase. It's really beneficial, I always learn a lot when I come here.”

“The information presented was spot on. It was very relevant to the entire audience no matter what your background…”

— Digital e-Commerce Director, Geometry Global

“I'm actually very encouraged that we're finding that across the retail landscape, we're all trying to solve the same challenge. I'm very interested in the ways some of our other manufacturers are solving it.”

— Associate Marketing Director, Procter & Gamble

“What is really wonderful is that you see not everyone has the answers. We're all on this journey together and it's really about sharing best practices and what's worked and hasn't worked. That's learning in and of itself.”

“[Summit] is just great for me in terms of networking, meeting people and finding commonalities that maybe I just didn't think about before. They may not be big, but they're enough of an “a-ha” moment that it gives me food for thought as we develop our tools and partnerships.”

— Executive Director, Shopper Link

“The opportunity to meet with groups here and hear the great panel of speakers is really going to help us as we go back and think about the retailer's perspective, the supplier's perspective and what we can do as an agency to engage both.”