2018 Shopper Marketing Summit, March 12 - 14, 2018

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Insights, Impact, Implementation: Relive Incredible Moments from Shopper Marketing Summit

Summit delivered key takeaways so the senior-level leaders charged with unlocking shopper-centric growth could learn what they need to do today to win at retail tomorrow.

  • Collaboration is not brands and retailers simply working together, rather working together to create something. It can be hindered by self-centeredness and lack of shared goals, commitment, process, follow-through or self-reflection.
  • "Physical stores are becoming media. The physical store is actually the most powerful, measurable and manageable form of media that we all have at our disposal, but it takes a fundamental mind shift: we have to stop thinking about stores as places that distribute products – but experience." - Doug Stephens
  • “The modern shopper curates her own path to purchase. You need to ask, ‘Am I in all the places she wants to be in?’” - Wendy Liebmann
  • The more you know about the retail/shopper facing technology, the more you realize you don't know.
  • Don't shy away from targeting Amazon Prime members online, they spend a lot of time outside of the e-commerce giant.
  • Shopping online is the new daydreaming. There are many ways to engage and paid search is a real opportunity for brands and retailers.
  • One-to-one personalization is the future: today's consumers expect you to know them, make sure you are mining your data to personalize messaging.

Attendees said...

  • "I walked away with ideas for better collaboration with my brand team."
  • "Excellent sharing of content and engaging presentations with good examples to bring it all to life."
  • "Very interesting perspectives on innovation and engaging partners in trial."
  • "Very robust content and highly valuable."