March 15-17, 2016

Grand Hyatt New York

New York City, NY

  • Conquering the Path


Summit offers an unrivaled educational lineup. Choose a combination of seminars from these tracks covering the most important topics in retail marketing. View the full schedule here.

Track Number Track Name Description
Activating Shopper Insights A Activating Shopper Insights (Tuesday Only)

Understand how to leverage data, research and strateiges to create actionable activity in the marketplace.

HOSTED BY: Great Northern In-Store

Sharing Best Practices B Sharing Best Practices (Tuesday Only)

Discover innovative and effective processes, practices and solutions that help reach and influence shoppers.

HOSTED BY: Curb Crowser

Digitally Integrated Solutions C Digitally Integrated Solutions (Tuesday Only)

Find ways to successfully leverage digital marketing platforms to guide purchase behavior and boost sales.


Mobile & Social Strategies D Mobile & Social Strategies (Tuesday Only)

Uncover innovative mobile techniques that directly engage and influence in-store purchse decisions.

HOSTED BY: Crisp Media

Understanding the Shopper E Understanding the Shopper (Wednesday Only)

Fine-tune strategies for sending the right messages to the right shoppers.

HOSTED BY: Great Northern In-Store

Optimizing ROI F Optimizing ROI (Wednesday Only)

Gain a better understanding of the key factors that influence your return on investment and how you can fine-tune them to increase it.

HOSTED BY: Curb Crowser

Omnichannel Marketing G Omnichannel Marketing (Wednesday Only)

Learn how to integrate content across digital, social, mobile, e-commerce, print and other emerging channels to create consistent customer experiences.


Targeting Shopper Segments H Targeting Shopper Segments (Wednesday Only)

Understand shopper segments, what motivates them to purchase and how to target them effectively.

HOSTED BY: Crisp Media

General Sessions K General Sessions

Hear renowned industry experts discuss shopper marketing experiences and best practices.


Symposiums S Symposiums (Monday Only)

These intensive, half-day workshops are designed to offer the deepest understanding of critical industry issues affecting brand marketers, retailers, agency professionals and solution providers.

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