March 15-17, 2016

Grand Hyatt New York

New York City, NY

  • Conquering the Path
Solutions Gallery

Visit the Solutions Gallery

The best shopper marketing strategies require superb execution which is why it's imperative to be working with the right partners as you go to market. The Solutions Gallery is a designated area at the Shopper Marketing Summit devoted to building these valuable connections. In the Solutions Gallery, you'll find many leading industry solution providers who offer expertise in all areas along the path to purchase. The companies and people you'll meet can transform your ideas into reality and will help you connect with shoppers in new and productive ways.

Stop by and introduce yourself during the extended breaks between seminars, during lunch or mix and mingle during the Welcome Reception.

You can ask questions of these sponsors or request a meeting via Summit's Online Networking Community.

Sponsor Guide

200 | OwnerIQ

202 | Digimarc

203 | Breaktime Media

​204 | Clavis

​206 | MyWebGrocer

208 | Excel Displays & Packaging

210 | TPG Rewards

​212 | Allrecipes/Meredith

​213 | Brightbox

​214 | InContext Solutions

​216 | Key Ring

218 | Profitero

​219 | Snap by Groupon

​220 | MaxPoint

​222 | RevTrax

​224 | Snipp Interactive

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